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Our Story

Willmott Health & Wellbeing was first brought to life in 2004 when Mary Hirschmann and her husband moved to Margaret River. There were limited options for people seeking help with mental health issues and Mary and a colleague decided to set up their own offices with the help of their partners.

Their aim was to provide a calm, homely and professional centre for health professionals and therefore they decided to buy an old family home away from the main street of Margaret River.

In 2007 the doors finally opened to our first clients. The original tenants were psychologists and physiotherapists and this relationship has continued to this day with both professions aware of the strong connections between mind and body and wellness.

The focus of the landlords has always been to give the responsibility of the decision making and day to day running of the centre to the tenants with the help of the office manager. The core idea has always been for the centre to be a relaxed, cooperative and happy place for the benefit of the general community of Margaret River.


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