Dr Chloe Lovelidge 


BSc (hons) MB BS DipROCG DFTh FASPsychMed

Counselling, Couples and Sexual Therapy


Dr Chloe Lovelidge is medically qualified and has post graduate qualifications in obstetrics and gynaecology, family therapy, and couples therapy and is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine. She now works solely in the mental health domain.


She is experienced in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, and the consequences of past traumas including sexual abuse. Her main therapeutic interests and skills are in treating people who present with relationship difficulties and sexual problems, psychological difficulties at times of transition [such as the birth of a baby, the menopause and the dying process], and difficulties experienced after major surgery, cancer treatments and living with chronic illness.


As a medical practitioner she considers both the psychological and physical consequences of the presenting problems and is able to offer both psychological and pharmacological therapies.

Before moving to Margaret River in 2010 she was Head of the Sexual Difficulties Clinic at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, where she had worked for 20 years.


Medicare rebates apply to her fees whether or not you have a referral.

She is a vocationally registered GP

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