Jos Morrish
BSc Physiotherapy, Oncology Rehabilitation Therapist, ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Senior Yoga Instructor (Yoga Australia), Yoga for Pain Care Practitioner
MOJO Physiotherapy
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I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years and saw many people come to class looking for solutions for pain and injuries. Movement is such a vital part of our lives and when it is comprised it affects all aspects of our wellbeing. I really wanted to be able to help, so I went back to school and completed a physiotherapy degree and a strength and conditioning coach course. 

This combination of skills enables me to create adaptable and versatile treatment and management plans that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whatever you need to do- lets get you back on track.

I work with many people with persistent pain issues, providing pain management sessions and Yoga for Pain. 


I also have experience working with people with mental health issues, dementia, autism, learning difficulties and physical disabilities in residential care settings.

I have also completed training in the PINC Cancer Rehabilitation course to work with patients pre and post treatment/surgery but also the time following this. The physical difficulties associated with cancer and it's treatment are wide ranging and often stay with people for many years. Cancer rehabilitation meets you at whatever point in your journey you are and helps you to reclaim your fitness and physical wellbeing. In fact the current research shows that exercising during and after treatment is associated with better outcomes.

I am happy to provide mobile physiotherapy for members of the community that may struggle to get into town for appointments.

Online booking is available via my website or you can contact me via phone/email for a chat.



Mobile: 0433 099 120


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