Mike Cox


Hi I am Michael, graduating with a Masters degree from University College Of Osteopathy formally The British School of Osteopathy, widely recognised as the leading provider of Osteopathic education in Europe

Originally from WA, I went over to the UK for a holiday and ended up staying for 15 years. This was when I discovered the joys of Osteopathy.  

Eventually coming to Margaret River to pursue a more relaxing, sunnier lifestyle and being beautiful place to live.

When not treating patients, I enjoy spending time diving, bushwalking, camping, hiking, volleyball, the beach, and occasional gym, also wanting to learn how to surf again. When I want to wind down yoga and meditation or just getting out into nature.


Oh, how could I forget, spending time with my two troublesome Dachshunds Trixie and Deedee, if you see us around then say Hi.

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